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PART 2: Policy Information

Policy Type
Homeowners  Yes No
Condominium  Yes No
Tenants  Yes No

Dwelling Value (home owners only):

Content Value (condo/tenants only):

Policy Deductible:

Liability Limit:

Scheduled Items:

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Previous Insurance Company:

Policy Number:

Year Insured with this Company:

Total Number of consecutive years insured with any company:

Have you ever been cancelled, refused or declined insurance in the past 5 years:

How long have you lived at this address:

PART 3: Building Information

Year Built:

Heating Type:

Number of Stories:

Number of units in building:

Number of Unrelated people in unit/building:

Total living area in square footage:

Protection Grade:
Within 300 meters of a hydrant and 8km of a fire hall  Yes No
Within 8km of a fire hall, hydrant beyond 300 meters  Yes No
Unprotected  Yes No

PART 4: Additional Discounts and Surcharges

Years Claims Free:

Monitored Alarm for Burglar:
 Yes No

Monitored Alarm for Fire:
 Yes No

Local Alarm:
 Yes No

24-hour Guard:
 Yes No

Wood Heat:
 Primary Secondary None

How many mortgages?:

Oil Tank (including above, below or not active):
 Yes No

Fire Resistive Building:
 Yes No

 Yes No

Block Watch:
 Yes No

Home Business:
 Yes No

Soft Credit Check:
 Yes No

Tankless Water Tank:
 Yes No

 Yes No

 Yes No

Claims History:

For Home owners, if home is over 25 years old we require updates of:
Roof (type and year updated)

Electrical (wiring type, amperage, year updated:

Heating (year updated):

Plumbing (type and year updated):

Hot Water Tank (age)

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